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KC-Conference with Ruslan Ponomariov: ask him in English!

Once again, as part of the Crestbook KC-Conference project, you have the chance to ask a super-grandmaster absolutely anything you want. Now it's Ruslan Ponomariov, the youngest World Champion in history (in a FIDE knockout, it’s true, but beating Morozevich, Bareev, Svidler and Ivanchuk along the way!). Nevertheless, he’s still perhaps one of the lesser-known super-grandmasters, so this is a chance to put things right.

Your questions for GM Ruslan Ponomariov can be submitted in English at a special post at Chess in Translation site. Of course, it is also possible to submit your questions in Russian at KasparovChess forum.

Now published!
KC - Conference with Ruslan Ponomariov: Part 2

KC - Conference with Ruslan Ponomariov: Part 1

KC-Conference with Peter Svidler: ask him in English!

Peter Svidler, one of the most likeable and colourful members of the chess elite, is ready to answer chess fans questions as part of the Crestbook KC-Conference project. Until now it was only possible to pose questions in Russian. Not anymore! You can now ask the five-time Russian Champion about virtually anything in English as a special thread "Your questions for GM Peter Svidler" is open at Chess in Translation. Of course, it is also possible to submit your questions in Russian at KasparovChess forum. The deadline is 10 November.

Now both  parts of Svidler's conference have been published:

KC-Conference with Peter Svidler: Part 2

KC-Conference with Peter Svidler: Part 1

Now in English: KC-Conference with...


The KC-Conferences Project was launched at Crestbook  in September, 2009 and has proven very popular. So far nine prominent figures from the chess world have answered numerous questions submitted by KasparovChess forum members. Fragments of the conferences have in fact already appeared at a number of English-language chess sites and forums but as a service to chess enthusiasts around the world we intend to present full English translations of all of them.

Dana Mackenzie and Colin McGourty are going to translate all the KC-conferences published in Russian at Crestbook. Watch this space!

KC-Conference with Alexei Shirov




KC-Conference with Alexander Grischuk 


KC-Conference with Michal Krasenkow. 

KC-Conference with Alexander Khalifman: Part One

KC-Conference with Alexander Khalifman: Part Two

KC-Conference with Alexander Khalifman: Part Three

Bilbao Masters Final 2010

The second stage of the 2010 Grand Slam Masters Final takes place 9-15 October in Bilbao, Spain.

Grandmasters Magnus Carlsen (ELO - 2826), Viswanathan Anand (2800), Vladimir Kramnik (2780) and Alexei Shirov (2749) play in a double round-robin tournament.

Score system: 3 points for a win, 1 point for a draw.
Time control: 90 minutes/40 moves + 60 minutes + 10 seconds/move as of move 41
Playing days: 9-11 и 13-15 октября.
Games begin: 4:30 PM local time / 7:30 PM Moscow time

Live commentaries by Sergey Shipov:

Colin McGourty’s translations first appear in real time at the special “live games” page of his site “Chess in Translation” and then, after some editing, can be found at their permanent locations:

Kramnik - Carlsen: 1 - 0

Carlsen – Anand 0 - 1
Anand-Kramnik 1/2 - 1/2
Carlsen – Kramnik 1/2 - 1/2
Carlsen – Shirov 1 - 0 
Anand – Carlsen 1/2 - 1/2

Official site
Official live transmission


World Chess Olympiad 2010


The 39th Chess Olympiad takes place September 20th – October 3rd in Khanty-Mansiysk, Russia. 148 men's and 114 women's teams are playing according to the Swiss System over 11 rounds. Both the men and women are playing in teams on four boards, with one player in reserve. Team points (2,1,0) are given for each match, while the overall number of game points collected serves as a tiebreaker.

Days of play: 21-25, 27-30 September, 1 and 3 October. All rounds start at 15:00 local time (UTC/GMT +5), the last round starts at 11:00.

Sergey Shipov's articles (translation by Colin McGourty):

Preview: "Olympiad 2010. Expectation"

"Olympiad in Khanty. Chess and Politics"

Posts at Chess in Translation site:

“Svidler is Svidler” – Bareev on the Russian team’s start

“If it comes to an endgame the trainers need Validol”  

“It’s genuine class” – Bareev on Grischuk’s Houdini act

Russia-USA in the Russian press  

Bareev takes the blame for defeat

Bareev: “Today Ian played like a genius!”

Russia beats Russia

“Fortune beckoned… then melted into thin air”

Svidler on Rd 9: “As I don’t know the Grünfeld Defence…”

“Chess punished the whole team” – Russian views on the Chess Olympiad

Sergey Shipov "Olympiad Conclusions and Where Now for FIDE" 

Official site

Livestream Page

Olympiad at chess-results.com

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