KC-Review of 2012 with Sergey Shipov

КС-Итоги 2012

A year ago we launched our new ‘KC-Review’ project. The pilot ‘KC-Review of 2011 with Sergey Shipov’ (in Russian) aroused great interest from chess fans (and even professionals). The project continued in early June, 2012 with the publication of the ‘KC-Review of the Anand-Gelfand 2012 World Championship match’ (in Russian).

And now Crestbook’s leading expert, Grandmaster Sergey Shipov, is answering questions from members of the KasparovChess forum about the sporting, creative, organisational and other aspects of 2012. Discussion of the resulting portrait of the year can be continued in a special thread on the KasparovChess forum.

KC-Review of 2012 with Sergey Shipov (in English)