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Judit Polgar: Skill Development with Cutting-Edge Technology

КС-Итоги 2012

“Be a winner in the future! Learn from the most successful female chess player of all time.”

Judit Polgar, the best female chess player in the world, has launched her new skill-building application with this slogan. “Future winners in our knowledge-based society will be those who can think strategically and analytically, who are problem-solvers,” says Judit. “Children can practice these skills while they have fun playing chess. Our application educates and entertains at the same time; it’s a program that kids and their parents can use together.”

This unique animated series has just appeared in the appstore for iPhone and iPad, under the title

Judit Polgar’s ChessPlayground

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KC-Review of 2012 with Sergey Shipov

КС-Итоги 2012

A year ago we launched our new ‘KC-Review’ project. The pilot ‘KC-Review of 2011 with Sergey Shipov’ (in Russian) aroused great interest from chess fans (and even professionals). The project continued in early June, 2012 with the publication of the ‘KC-Review of the Anand-Gelfand 2012 World Championship match’ (in Russian).

And now Crestbook’s leading expert, Grandmaster Sergey Shipov, is answering questions from members of the KasparovChess forum about the sporting, creative, organisational and other aspects of 2012. Discussion of the resulting portrait of the year can be continued in a special thread on the KasparovChess forum.

KC-Review of 2012 with Sergey Shipov (in English)


Judit Polgar's new book

Jutit Polgar's book 2012

New book by Judit Polgar

"How I Beat Fischer's Record"

has just been published.

Great achievements often take a lifetime of preparation, but when these achievements are becoming the World Number 1 at the age of 12 and the youngest ever grandmaster at the age of 15 you have to start early!

In this very personal book Judit Polgar describes her early moments of success and the chess ideas she needed to master to achieve them.

This exceptional book is the beginning of a unique project where one of the greatest players of our time transforms her personal journey to the top into a roadmap for everyone who ever wanted to better themselves in the game of chess.

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Read also KC-Conference with Judit Polgar

World Chess Championship Match Anand - Gelfand

Матч Ананд - Гельфанд 2012

The World Chess Championship between Vishy Anand (India, 2791) and Boris Gelfand (Israel, 2727) will take place in the Engineering Building of the State Tretyakov Gallery, Moscow from 11 till 30 May, 2012. The two will play a match of 12 games, unless someone scores a decisive 6.5 points at an earlier stage. In case of a tie, there will be a rapid / blitz playoff to decide.

Time control: 120 minutes for 40 moves, followed by 60 minutes for 20 moves, then 15 minutes for the remaining moves with 30 seconds cumulative increment for each move starting from the first move.

Days of play: 11, 12, 14, 15, 17, 18, 20, 21, 23, 24, 26 and 28 May.
Games begin: 3 PM Moscow time.
Tie break: 30 May, 12.00 PM.

Colin McGourty and Dana Mackenzie are translating GM Sergey Shipov's online commentaries at Crestbook.

Colin McGourty’s translations first appear in real time at the special “live games” page of his site “Chess in Translation” and then can be found at the dedicated GM Sergey Shipov’s live commentary on the 2012 World Championship (Games 1, 2, 3, 6, 8, 11).

Dana Mackenzie’s translations are initially at his chess blog and then can be found at their permanent locations:

Game 4, Game 5, Game 7, Game 9, Game 10, Game 12.

Official site


KC-Conference with Judit Polgar: ask her in English!

International grandmaster Judit Polgar is the greatest female chess player of all time. She is ready to answer chess fans' questions as part of the Crestbook KC-Conferences project. You can ask the Hungarian queen about virtually anything!

Your questions for GM Judit Polgar can be submitted in English at a special post at Chess in Translation. Of course, it is also possible to submit your questions in Russian at the KasparovChess forum. The deadline is 28 November.

Now published!

KC-Conference with Judit Polgar

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