Judit Polgar: Skill Development with Cutting-Edge Technology

КС-Итоги 2012

“Be a winner in the future! Learn from the most successful female chess player of all time.”

Judit Polgar, the best female chess player in the world, has launched her new skill-building application with this slogan. “Future winners in our knowledge-based society will be those who can think strategically and analytically, who are problem-solvers,” says Judit. “Children can practice these skills while they have fun playing chess. Our application educates and entertains at the same time; it’s a program that kids and their parents can use together.”

This unique animated series has just appeared in the appstore for iPhone and iPad, under the title

Judit Polgar’s ChessPlayground

. новое!

In this application, Judit Polgar, the world's most famous and successful female chess player, introduces the secrets of chess, step by step. Judit’s name is well known as the best female player in history; she has topped the women’s ranking without interruption since 1989. As mother of two small children, Oliver and Hanna, she is perfectly familiar with how young children learn and play.

NeoPlay Content presents this new application in an original, fresh and engaging way, using the latest technologies. The series features striking visual effects and a cast of appealing characters, each with its own personality. The application is a great stepping-stone toward independent learning and community play.

Each animated episode is followed by interactive tasks. At the end, 64 bonus tasks await the players.


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